We have been living in the age of modern world which has gone from mechanical to technical, where everything is transitioning to computer domain. We are living the digital dream where everything is just click away.

This is truly phenomenal and exceptionally overwhelming. Every sector and domain has evolved with this progression and the primary one which I am talking about is marketing. Gone are the days when we had excessive dependency on the manpower to spread the word, extensive usage of paper world and related medium like advertisement, hoardings, and sign boards etc. which were all mechanical in nature.

Then after the precedence of the digital age seeping in gradually in our lives the focus changed completely. It was indeed a paradigm shift, to say the least.

In the current times, almost every single person, irrespective of age and place, has some or the other medium to remain connected to rest of the world through gadgets like mobile, smartphone, laptop, computers etc. Due to this major alignment of the population towards the virtual world where they started spending most of their time, it became imperative for the market mavericks to channelize their energy and tap this medium too.

Online marketing by far is the most superior, convenient and most powerful way of doing the task compared to all the previous approaches followed ever. It has the potential to reach to even the remotest places, knowingly or unknowingly, which other medium fails to arrive.

Online marketing is relatively lesser costlier and more effective in spreading the word because of so many different social networking sites and other such websites where you just need the platform to launch your product and write up some good stuff. Rest of things are automatically fall into place.

Online marketing is successful venture which has provided fruitful results every time, if done in proper manner and followed certain specific guidelines.

Online marketing penetration level is phenomenal and to get started, all you need is the good connections and acquaintance of people in the virtual world who can take this further to next level and so on.


No two ways about the fact that this is the most powerful tool that we have got as part of this internet evolution which we all have been witnessing at the moment.  This is definitely a boon for the small enterprises and startups who cannot afford heavy funding in the marketing department.