My name is Chin Chu and I am from Singapore. I belong the family who is into plastic sheet business since last more than 50 years or so. I am the third generation who has taken up the responsibility now.


When we started into this business, actually my grandfather, then there was not much competition around and things would go up in a normal pace as they should be. But we had other challenges in running business in terms of other associated factors involved like transport, manpower, machines and services etc.


Till last five years everything was going good and hunky-dory but then our business started getting stiff competition from other vendors and also our distributors and direct wholesale members wanted a transformation in the business, which was executed completely at the ground level.


I carried out my schooling and completed my MBA in marketing and decided to join my family business. It was then I spent 1 month time and did the analysis about the weak performance of our business and it was not hard to figure out that most of the associate partners were gradually moving up the ladder of internet and they were going digital.


Due to this transition, we were lagging behind badly due to the old practices which were prevalent internally in the business.  Some of them were very rigid in nature and difficult to sustain in the current times and those were the fault points causing so much trouble to our business.


As part of the change management, I first introduced the use of computer in the business and gradually moved up all the departments one by one to make them tech enabled. Out of all the initiatives that were carried out, moving of marketing department to the online system was the most fruitful once since we started getting more clients and were able to show case our potential to even those clients leaving outside the country, thanks to the internet


This led to the discovery of this website and blog to spread the word about how crucial it has now become to have the online presence from the business perspective and what are the benefits one receive in return are beyond doubts.